Microsoft Outlook - Reserving a Meeting Space


When scheduling a meeting in Outlook, there can be some confusion about how to reserve the meeting space. Should I schedule the meeting on the conference room calendar? Do I have permissions to do that? Should I invite the conference room to my meeting?

The short answer is to simply invite the room or other resource to your meeting. Think of it as another attendee. Joe brings the coffee, Sarah brings the documents and agenda, Conference Room B brings the table and chairs.


There are alternate ways to accomplish this. Using the Room Finder or the Scheduling Assistant are the two most common secondary means. In the Scheduling Assistant, click Add Room... in the bottom left. To see the Room Finder, in your New Meeting window click Room Finder in the Options section of the Meeting tab. The Room Finder is a helpful tool when scheduling, as it will show you information regarding available meeting times for the room, any conflicts, and provides access to room lists, if any have been created for the department or building that hosts the conference room/resource.



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