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This is the fourth and final tutorial in our Microsoft OneDrive series. At this point in our OneDrive series, we have learned that our files are being synced to OneDrive, how to access and edit files from the OneDrive website using Microsoft's Online Office applications, and how to restore a previous version of a file. This article will discuss how you can share files and folders within or outside of the organization and enable collaboration for multiple users. If you are unfamiliar with OneDrive and haven't read our previous articles, read our Getting Started article before continuing with this tutorial.

Sharing Files

  1. With a file open or a file or folder selected, select Share.

  2. Select the down arrow to choose permissions for the link you will be sharing. Options include:

    • Anyone

    • People in your organization

    • Specific people

  3. Select Apply to save the permissions.

  4. Enter the name or email address of people you want to share with.

  5. Type a message.

  6. Select Send.

    Or, you can select Copy Link and send the link in an email or add it to a file.


Multiple authors in Excel Online

Sharing files from OneDrive is a great way to collaborate and work from one file rather than sending a file as an email attachment producing multiple copies that users have to keep track of. Remember, OneDrive also has built in versioning so you can review changes and revert back to previous versions if needed. 

With Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote files and the Office Online Apps, you can work on them together at the same time. When more than one person is editing a file at the same time, you see the names of other editors and changes are reflected almost instantaneously. This is a really productive way for teams to work together.

For a more detailed instruction of how to share using OneDrive, please go here.



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