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Munis Employee Self Service (ESS) is the website where you will enter time (fill in your time sheet) to receive payment. The site also contains information about previous paycheck information, benefits, time off, and is the site where you will enter open enrollment requests. 

To log in, you will need your employee number and password. The Username is your employee number. Your employee number and Munis ESS password should be provided to you by your supervisor, or other department HR liaison. 

I forgot my Munis ESS password!

Access Munis Employee Self Service/Time Sheets from the preset bookmarks in your browser, or from the QuickLinks in EmployeeNet, as shown below. 


Time Sheet is located under EmployeeNet Quick Links.


Entering Time

Once you are logged in, click on Time Entry on the lower, right-hand side of the page. 

Enter the number of hours for which you should receive pay on the corresponding day, and corresponding type (Regular Pay, Vacation, etc). 

Then, click Submit if you are done, or Save for Later if you would like to review your entry again later. 




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