TRAKiT 18.2 - Reviews



TRAKiT can track reviews associated with records in PermitTRAK, ProjectTRAK, and LicenseTRAK.

Adding Reviews

To add a review to a record in PermitTRAK, ProjectTRAK, or LicenseTRAK:
    1. Expand the Reviews pane, and select Add Reviews.


    2. Select a Reviewer. Default Reviewer (if any) will insert the name of the reviewer identified          in TRAKiT configuration. The default reviewer’s name can be changed if needed.
    3. Enter Date Sent (date the review items are sent to the reviewer), if required.
    4. Enter Date Due (date the review items are due back), if required.
    5. Select one or more reviews. The review, date sent and date due are applied to all reviews              selected in this step.
    6. Click Add.

Editing Reviews

To edit reviews on a single record in PermitTRAK, ProjectTRAK, or LicenseTRAK:
    1. Expand the Reviews pane, if needed.
    2. Click Edit to the review you want to update.


    3. Update the review as necessary with the status, data returned, any remarks needed, as well          as the amount of time spent on the review in Add to Timesheet, if required.  
        Tip: Clicking on Today will put today's date in the field.
    4. Enter review notes or select Add Standard Notes to add any predefined notes you have.
        Note: The Links button is available to open Municode in a new tab, in case you need to                review the code required for your comments.
    5. Click Save.

Edit Reviews in Review Center

To edit reviews for Multiple records from a Single screen:
    1. Open the Reviews pane in your WorkSpace.


    2. Use the drop-down box to open the review menu, shown in the orange box.  Select Edit to            open the review window.  Enter the status, returned date, remarks and/or notes.
        Tip:  If you need to see the attachments, click the paperclip icon under the review.
    3. Other reviews are displayed by changing your Settings (Reviewer, Review Group, Review              type; sent, due or returned date; or the date range). After setting your parameters select              Refresh (circular arrow in the upper right corner of the review pane).


    4. Sort order is changed by selecting a field in Sort By list.

Voiding/Deleting Reviews

Users can void reviews but not delete them. Only system administrators or users with the Can Delete Reviews privilege can delete reviews.

Void/delete reviews:

    1. Open the Reviews panel.
    2. To void a review, select Void Review from the function menu. Click Yes to confirm.


    3. To delete the voided review (privilege required), select Delete Review. Click Yes to confirm.



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