Skype for Business - Audio & Video


Having playback issues? Cant hear very well or at all?? You've come to the right spot. Try the below steps to adjust your audio & video within Skype. If you still have trouble, please submit a support ticket.

Setup your audio device

1) Open Skype and click on the settings gear at the top right 

2)Click on "Audio Device"

2)Below audio device, select the device you want sound t emit from and customize the settings:

  • Speaker - Select Play Play , and drag the slider to adjust the volume.

  • Microphone - Speak to test the volume, and drag the slider until the progress bar reaches the middle of the test area.

  • Ringer - Select Play Play , and drag the slider to adjust the volume.

After adjusting the audio settings, select OK.

Setup your video device

1) From the Settings menu click "Video Device"

2) Below video device, select the camera you want to display from

  • Adjust the Camera Angle to center your image in the preview pane.

  • Select Camera Settings if you want to adjust the video processor or camera controls.

  • Select Crop and center my video in meetings to focus and zoom in on your face during video conferences.

After adjusting the video settings, select OK.



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