Guide to Cityworks - Attach an Asset to an Existing Work Order


To get started open the work order(s) you'd like to add ELM to by searching the work order number at the top.



Click the Open the map icon to open the map in a new tab.



Under Tools on the left, open the Legend tool to select the layer you would like  to make selectable on the map.

Select a Selection tool and select the asset(s) on the map. 



Under Selection click on the Box button and drag it over the feature you would like to add an asset to. mceclip0.png



In the Results panel that appears, select the check box next to the desired assets and click the Flag highlighted assets for work management Icon.


Select the desired assets and click Flag highlighted assets for work management


In the Assets panel in the work order, click Add assets currently selected in session.



Alternatively, add assets to a work order by  clicking Add assets by searching type and ID



Click Save.

 The assets are now attached to the work order.


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