New Employee Information - Forgot Computer Password


If you need your computer password reset, please call IT support at 512-218-3211, or ask a coworker to enter a support ticket for you.  

If you know your password, but just got locked out, you can also call IT to get the password unlocked. Your account will automatically unlock after 30 minutes. 

Please note, when you change your computer password, it will need to be updated on all devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad).

Your computer password can also be referred to as your network password. Your password for the City Wi-Fi is the same as your computer (or network) password. When you change your password, you will be prompted on your devices to enter your new password for the Wi-Fi.  

Tip: Don't just close the Wi-Fi window when it asks you to enter your password! If you don't enter your new password into the Wi-Fi window, it will continue to attempt to connect using your old password. After three attempts, it will lock your account.



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