Skype for Business - Share your Screen or File


You can show your entire desktop or just a program to anyone in a Skype for Business meeting, call, or instant messaging (IM) conversation. You can also use the screen sharing feature with  your team to collaborate on projects, plans, and more.


Share your desktop or a program with Skype

In a conversation window or messaging window:

1) Select Share Content and select an option:

  • Share your Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop.
  • Share a Window and double-click the program or window you want to display.

2) The now sharing tab and yellow/orange border will appear around the shared content.

  • Select Stop Sharing when you're done.


Send a file in an IM (Instant Message)

1) Select the contacts from your contacts list. 

2) To send a file either:

  • Drag the file from File Explorer  to the conversation window
  • Copy the file or image you want to send, and paste it into the conversation window.

Everyone in the conversation receives a notification, which they can accept or decline.





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