Microsoft Teams - Channel Conversations Vs. Chat


With Microsoft Teams, there are two methods, channel conversations and chat, for bringing people together to communicate. With either option, you have the ability to send and reply to messages and conduct audio and video calls.

It can be a little confusing getting started with Microsoft Teams and understanding the difference between a chat and a channel conversation. Let's take a look at how these two communication options are different.

Channel conversations can be seen by everyone on the team. In other words, you are having a conversation with the whole team when you post a comment or reply to another team members comment. This is the area of Teams where collaboration is the keyword.

In private and group chats, only the people in the chat can see your messages. Think of them like texts or instant messages. Chats can include one or more people that you specify to participate in the chat. 

Consider chat as a more temporary and instantaneous method of communicating while creating a Team with channels is a more long term, structured way of communicating and collaborating with other staff members.

Now that you understand the difference between Chat and Channel Conversations, we can move on to using these two Teams features. In the next article, we will discuss using Chat and then move on to Channel Conversations.

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