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With chat in Microsoft Teams, you can have private one-on-one or group conversations that are not in the public team channel. In private and group chats, only the people in the chat can see your messages. Think of them like texts or instant messages. Chats can include one or more people that you specify to participate in the chat. 

Here is a video that provides on overview of using chat to communicate with one or more people.

Start a chat

To send a private message, first click New chat New chat button at the top of the app to start a new conversation. Type the name of the person or people you want to chat with. Then, compose your message and click Send Send button .

Don't forget that you can add as many people as you want to the To field.

To loop more people into a private conversation, just click Add people Add people to team button in the top right corner of your screen. Then, type the names of the people you'd like to add, and click Add.

Once you've created a chat, you can conduct Video and Audio calls from within that chat

  • In the top right corner of the Teams app, Select Video call Select to start a video call. or Audio call Select to start an audio call. to call someone directly from a chat.

There are many more things you can do in Chat for Microsoft Teams. Check out this site to learn more.

Let's move on to using the other method of communicating within Teams, channel conversations.

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