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Microsoft Teams provides some really convenient features for managing meetings. With Teams you can:

  • Manage your Outlook appointments for the day or week
  • Create an on the fly meeting with Meet Now
  • Schedule meetings with audio or video capabilities
  • Share your screen with other meeting attendees

Lets first take a look at the Meet Now feature of Teams. This video provides an overview of creating a meeting on the fly from a chat or channel conversation.

Meet Now


Next, let's take a look at how to manage your meetings within Teams. This video provides an overview of viewing your current Outlook appointments for the day or week, scheduling a meeting, and options for setting up a meeting. You can set up a meeting to be online or in a conference room, invite attendees from inside or outside the organization, add attachments, and post the meeting to a Teams channel for all Team members to see.

Create a New Teams Meeting in Outlook

In your Outlook Calendar, you will see an icon for New Teams Meeting in the main navigation ribbon. Use the New Teams Meeting button instead of the New Meeting button to give attendees the ability to join the meeting via Teams.


Adding Teams to an Existing Meeting in Outlook

If you are the meeting owner, then you will be able to give an existing meeting the Teams capability.  First, open an existing meeting in Outlook by double-clicking on the meeting in the calendar. Click on the Teams Meeting icon in the meeting navigation ribbon, as shown below.


You should then see a new option in the meeting invite to Join Microsoft Teams Meeting. Attendees can click on this to join the meeting via Teams.  By default, not all users will get an audio only option.  If this is needed for external users, contact IT to add this functionality to your user profile.


Create a New Teams Meeting in Teams

In Teams, click on the Calendar icon in the left side navigation panel. 


Notice that the meetings you see in Teams are the same ones you will see in Outlook. To create a new meeting in Teams, click on New meeting in right-hand corner of the screen.


Give the meeting a name and invite your attendees. Add rooms to the list of invited people, just like you would in Outlook. When you are ready, click Save.


Manage Meetings


Join a Teams Meeting

You are able to join a Teams meeting several ways. In Outlook, you can navigate to the meeting (open it by double-clicking on the meeting), and click Join Teams Meeting in the top navigation window or click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting in the meeting invite. Either method will have the same result. 

You may also join a Teams meeting directly from Teams. Click on the Meetings icon and click on the meeting. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a Join button. Click the Join button or the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link in the invite to attend.

Once you have clicked Join the Meeting, you will see a window appear asking you to select your audio and video preferences. If you have a camera on your computer, you are able to toggle the video on so that attendees are able to see each other. If you have audio capability through your computer, you may take the call through the computer by toggling on the audio. If you do not have audio through your computer, you will need to dial the call in number from a phone. Once you have made your audio and video selections, click Join Now. You will then be added to the Teams meeting.


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