MFA - Installing Microsoft Authenticator App


The Microsoft Authenticator app is available for Android and iOS. By setting up 2-step verification, you add an extra layer of security to your Office 365 account. You sign in with your password (step 1) and a code sent to your phone (step 2).


Install Authenticator App

1) Open the App or Play store on your cell phone

2) Search for and install Microsoft Authenticator

3) Launch the app and click yes to  'Allow Microsoft Authenticator to send notifications'


4) Click Add Account and choose Work or School

iPhone                             Android


5) Click OK on 'Authenticator would like to access the Camera'. This is required to scan the QR code

iPhone                                            Android


6) Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code that is on your computer screen .

**Note:If you cannot use your phone camera, you will need to manually enter the 9-digit code and URL located on the QR Square**

Phone registration is complete once the app displays a random six-digit code that changes every 30 seconds. Click here to go back and  finish your MFA setup .Continue on step #5.

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