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Need help with Munis?  No problem! 

You can engage with Munis Technical Support, follow the following steps:

  1. Create a case in the online support ticket in the Munis Support Portal and assign appropriate priority.
  2. You may choose to call Munis Support directly 
    SUPPORT PHONE # 1-800-772-2260, Option 3
    CUSTOMER ID 6455
  3. To escalate the issue:  If no response within a the time needed, click the button on the case to “Escalate Ticket”, this will send notification to the support person and their manager.  Please do not abuse this feature and reference the attached document for Service Level Agreements for response times.
  4. To further escalate the issue if no response in reasonable amount of time, email and/or call the Manager of the support area directly and note the case # in the email. The support contacts for  Reference the Technical Support Overview Document attached to this article for direct emails and contact numbers for the Munis Support Management team.  Please reserve this for rare circumstances.
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