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This article covers how to search for As-Builts from Laserfiche Weblink and printing/exporting to PDF.

How to get to Weblink to search for as-built plans.

Open any browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome and enter


Open any browser and go to

Then select “QUICK LINKS” from the menu bar and click on “department links”

Under Administration select “Document Management”

Select “Search As-Built Plans”


If you are not sure of the name sometimes it’s best to use a wildcard character “*”. Also note the “Sort by option.

For example, mays * (north) gets a result of 57 documents.

And mays (north) gets 0.

The results of a search will look like this. The blue is a link to the document, and the data below “Fields” is the metadata associated with the document.

Once you have clicked on the link it will take you to the document.

There is a “Metadata” tab on the left as well as a “Thumbnails” tab. (All the sheets have been scanned as one big document.) The thumbnails are the individual sheet of each document.

In order to print or export to PDF select the PDF icon at the top.

You will be asked how many pages to print (export to PDF). You also may get a Message that your browser is blocking popups. If so look at the bottom of the web page and change your options to allow. Then select the PDF again. It will show in your browser as PDF or launch your PDF software.

At this point, you can print or save as you wish.


For those of you wishing to access the PLANIMETRICS documents, the search function is not working. You will need to select the big red “Browse Documents” button then select “As-Built Plans”, “Plans”, and then “PLANIMETRICS”.


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