Tyler Cashiering - Reset Password


To reset your Utility Billing Tyler Cashiering password:

  1. Enter a Support Ticket to reset your Tyler Cashiering Password. You can simply email support@roundrocktexas.gov with your request.  To learn more about the Support Center, check out this article.
  2. IT will then reset your password to a temporary Tyler Cashiering password and update the Support ticket.

  3. Once you receive your temporary Tyler Cashiering password, proceed with following steps to assign yourself a permanent Tyler Cashiering password.
  4. Go to Munis Cloud Admin and login
    • If you are prompted to log in to a Munis screen, use
      • Username: YourMunisUserName
      • Password:  YourMunisPassword
    • If you are prompted to log into a windows security popup, use
      • Username: datacenter\YourMunisUserName
      • Password:  YourMunisPassword 
  5. Click Change Passwords 
  6. Fill out the screen to reset your Tyler Cashiering Password
    • Select Cashiering and fill out the rest of the info.  Click Submit.  You will get a response that your password has been set.  You can now log into Tyler Cashiering!
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