Autodesk/AutoCAD Account


Contract # 110002400940

Expires on December 7, 2019

Product: The AEC Collection

We only have users for AutoCAD MAP 3D and AutoCAD Civil 3D. No other available Autodesk products are installed in the city.

  1. Google Autodesk Login
  2. Sign in:           Password: CORR20191.png
  3. Manage products and downloads > All Products and Services2.png
  4. CORR currently has 15 users for 7 network licenses. The network license is on GISFS1.
    David Buzzell PR-9RZFBH2 PARD 2019 MAP 3D   3345 x
    Rachel Morris PARD-1XM6482 PARD 2019 MAP 3D   3375 X
    Katie Baker PR_1DR8482 PARD 2019 MAP 3D   3355 x
    Michael Chau PR-1XM7482 PARD 2017 MAP 3D   5547 x
    Jimmy Vrabel UES_JVRABEL UTILITIES 2019 MAP 3D 2019 Civil 3D 6604 xx
    Rich Reedy UES_RREEDY UTILITIES 2019 MAP 3D   6606 x
    Preston Kessinger UES_PRESTONK UTILITIES 2019 MAP 3D 2019 Civil 3D 3249 xx
    James Brown UES_JAMESB UTILITIES 2019 MAP 3D   6602 X
    Fred Sanchez UES_FSANCHEZ UTILITIES   2019 Civil 3D 6609  
    Randy Hitt GIS_RHITT GIS 2019 MAP 3D 2019 Civil 3D   xx
    Juan Martinez UES-7ZTYHQ2 UTILITIES   2019 Civil 3D 3332 xx
    David Bost DSO-7ZSYHQ2 DSO 2019 MAP 3D   3175 x
    Jeffery Brooks DSO-54Z9MN2 DSO 2019 MAP 3D   3363 x
    Dillion Johns UES-1DQ9482 UTILITIES   2019 Civil 3D    
    Matt Bushak   TRANSPORTATION 2019 MAP 3D   3318  
  5. Product Updates: this is where you download Service Packs.
  6. For MAP 3D, install Service Pack Update as you would normally.
  7. For Civil 3D, you must install the Service Pack updates(s) for AutoCAD FIRST, even though AutoCAD is not installed. Next, download/nstall the Civil 3D Service Pack(s).
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