AutoCAD License Management


How generate a new license file from Autodesk, this is required for every upgrade. For current CORR server settings refer to the following screen shots of the LM Tools license manager that is currently active on Gisfs1. The images will also assist with the generaton of obtaining a new license file from Autodesk.

  1. Remote into GISFS1 - C:AutoDesk > Network License Manager
  2. Open LM Tools
  3. Run LM Tools
  4. System Settings
  5. Utilities, doesn’t have to be populated.
  6. Start/Stop/Reread – this where you start/stop the service.
  7. Server Status > Perform Status Enquiry – log of current licenses in use.
  8. Server Diags – used to perform diagnostics.
  9. Config Services
  10. Borrowing – This option has not been used, we have not exceeded the number of licenses.
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