Aluvii - Search for a Guest/Member Account


Some sales will need to be associated with a customer account and some do not.  Point of sale transactions, like day pass admission or concession sales, do not need to be associated with a customer.  

Membership sales and rentals will need to be associated with the customer since we need to know who owns the membership or who made the rental.  

For membership and rental transactions, the first step is to search for the customer in the software. 

Search for a Customer

In Aluvii, all customers are referred to as Members or Guests.  This does not necessarily mean they have purchased a Season Pass to Rock'N River. 

To locate a customer, first click on Manage Memberships

Next, click in the search bar and type in the customer name.  You can search by the first name only, the last name only, the first and last name together, the phone number or email.  Please verify spelling and search for the customer at least a couple of times before creating a new account.  Click Search.  Any customers that meet the search will return on the screen below. 

Click on the drop-down arrow to expand the customer details.

Create a new account for a customer only if they do not already have one in the software. 

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