Microsoft Flow/Power Automate - Getting Started


Here is how you can get started using Microsoft Flow/Power Automate to automate processes and tasks.

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Search and Select a Flow Automation

Browse and search to identify what you want to do.  You can search by keywords or application names.  Many templates exist and it is highly likely you will find one to suit your needs and can customize from there.  You can create a Flow from scratch but it is best to start with a template when getting started.

Once you select a Flow, click it to get more information on what it does. 

Configure Flow

If the Flow looks like it will meet your requirements.  Click the ellipsis to configure the accounts the Flow will connect to.  Then, click "Continue" to further configure and test the Flow.

Configure Flow and click "Save".  Then you can click "Test" in the upper right-hand corner to test the flow.


Select how you will trigger the flow.

Then, perform the trigger action for the Flow.  In this example, it is an event being added to a specific calendar. 

Check your endpoint to see if the action occurred as expected.  Modify and re-test the flow as needed. To learn more about using Microsoft Flow, check out these Microsoft Trainings.

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