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Prior to Selling a Rental

First, check to see if the customer is already in the database.  If they are not yet in the database, the first step is to add the person paying for the rental into Aluvii.  

Go to Manage Memberships and search for the customer. 

View Current Rentals

Click on the Bookings Module then click Search.

Enter the From Date and To Date.  You can also add the Location (RNR, MKP, LCP) to narrow down your search. Click Search.

Make sure the Bookings button is selected. 

Click on the Site column heading to sort the rentals by the site name (i.e. Cabana 01).  

Click View to see the details of the rental.  For example, you would click view to see if the renter purchased Add-Ons for a birthday party package, like a Party Host. 

Click on the Customizations tab.

In the example below, no Add-Ons were purchased.

Click Back to Bookings to return to the Bookings screen.


Camps, large groups, and daycares will enter at the East Gate and pay upon their arrival.  They are allowed to pay on site.  After searching for a booking, you can see if the rental is paid or unpaid. 

To take payment, click on View >  Finalize.  Ensure that the number of Adults and Children in their party matches the amount that they are paying for.  

If the amount of people that arrive with their group is different, you will need to edit the rental. 

To edit the number of adults and/or children that are in a group, click on the Booking Details tab and click the Edit button. 

Edit the number of Adults and Children and the Total Price will automatically update. 

Click Save at the top of the page. 

Click Yes to confirm the updates.

Click on the Finalize tab to take the payment. 

Click Pay Full Amount. 

Click Pay.

Complete the payment on the final payment screen. 

Search for Availability

First, click on the Bookings Module and click on Bookings and Availability.  

Click Search and enter a date or category filter to narrow down the search results. 

For example, if I were searching for a Cabana on June 3, my search would look like this: 

The available Cabanas will have a green plus next to them.  Booked Cabanas will have the View or In Use button.  In the example below for June 15th, Cabanas 1, 2 and 4 are available and Cabanas 3 and 5 are booked.

Make a Rental

Before you complete the rental, the customer must be in the database!!  This is an important step. Once you have found an available site and have confirmed with the customer, click the green plus symbol to reserve the spot. 

Click on either:

  • Rent a Cabana (Mon-Thurs) or
  • Rent a Cabana (Fri-Sun and Holidays)

You have to manually select if the rental is for a weekday or weekend. 

If the rental is available, it will show the time next to the area. For example, this shows 12:00pm next to Cabana 01. 

Click the 12:00pm to reserve the spot. (Double check this is the correct Cabana or area that the customer would like to book).

At the bottom of the screen, click the up arrow to change the Cabana rental number to 1. 


Back at the top of the page, you will click through the tabs to complete the rental.  

Next, click on the Booking Data tab and search for the customer.  Select the correct customer and click Save data.  Verify that the customer is the correct one by verifying their phone number or email address. 

Click Customization to select rental Add-Ons, like a Party Host or extra tickets.  If this is the same day rental at the Water Park or Pool, you will not likely select these Add-Ons. 

Click the Finalize tab and select Pay Full Amount to take Payment. 

If you need to make a change prior to taking payment, click on the Booking Details tab and select the requested change. 

If you need to make a change after taking payment, search for the booking and click on the Booking Details tab and select Edit.  Then go to the Finalize tab to take payment for the change. 

Do not Cancel or Refund a booking.  If a rental needs to be Canceled or Refunded, the customer must contact the Administration Office, M-F 8am-5pm.

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