Aluvii - Create a New Customer Account and Add Guests


Once you have searched for a customer and determined they do not yet have an account in Aluvii, you will need to create an account for them.  

Please note that you MUST create the customer account prior to selling a Season Pass or rental.  And you must also add all family members prior to selling a Season Pass.  

Step 1: In the Manage Memberships screen, click on Account Options Menu > Create New Account.

Step 2: Create the Account Info

Enter information into the Account Name, Email, Phone, Primary Street Address, Zip, City and State.  This information pertains to the entire account, not to an individual.  The account name can be the individual's name or the family name (i.e. Smith  Family).


Step 3: Create the Account Owner

The Account Owner should be an Adult and it will likely be the person that is making the payment for a Season Pass or rental.  Note that this step is different than creating the Account Info (Step 2).  Enter the client details and click Submit. 

Click Close.

New Account Wizard is used if you are manually creating several accounts at once and want to move to the next account.  You will need to click Close.  

Step 4: Add Family Members

After you click close, the new Account will display in the results window.  Click the drop-down arrow to expand the account details and click Add Guest. 


Click Load Data From Account Owner to populate the new Guest details with information from the Account Owner.  Click the Add button when you have entered info for each family member.

This step makes it quicker to create the new Guest, b/c you will only need to enter the First Name and the Birthday.  Continue adding Guests until the everyone in the family has been entered into the Account.  

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