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Prior to Selling a Season Pass

First, check to see if the customer is already in the database.  If they are not yet in the database, the first step is to add ALL of the family members to an account.  

Go to Manage Memberships and search for the customer. 

The Season Pass will appear under the Membership area in the customer details.  Check here first to ensure that the customer does not yet have a 2019 Season Pass. 

In the screenshot below, the customer has an RNR Family Season Pass.

Selling a Season Pass

Add all of the family members to the account.  

Capture the picture of each family member by clicking the camera icon and then click Take Snapshot and then Save Photo.



Click on the membership that will be added to the account.  If it is a Family Membership, you will need to click the button as many times as there are people in the membership.  For example, for a family of four, click the Family Pass - Four People four times.  

Each click will add a line to bottom Memberships block.  Season Passes of 6+ persons will add up to uneven amounts.  For example, a Six-Person Season Pass will add up to $244.98 instead of $245.  

Assign a name to each line to grant that person a membership.  To do this, click the dropdown under Owner and select the names of the family members.  Click Send to Check Out.

Click Payment.

This will bring up the final payment screen. 
Select the payment type (Cash or Credit-Sale) and select Complete Payment.

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