Aluvii - Selling POS Products (Admission, Concession and Retail Items)


Admission, concession and retail Point of Sale (POS) items are sold through the Employee Registers Module.  These items are usually not associated with a customer. 

Point of Sale items are broken up into Categories: Admission, Food, Drinks, Ice Cream or Retail.  

Add Items to Cart

In this example, let's sell a bag of Cheetos and a Coke. 

First, navigate to the Employee Registers Module.  Select the Register for your location (Rock'N River, Micki Krebsbach or Lake Creek Pool).

Then, select the appropriate category, in this case, Food.  Click on the Cheetos button.  Notice the item appears in the RNR Shopping Cart.


Next, navigate to the Drinks category and select the Coke.  Notice the item appears in the RNR Shopping Cart. 

If necessary, you can update the quantity or remove an item from the cart. 

You may also completely clear the cart by clinking on the Clear button.

Process the Payment

Select the Pay button once all items have been added to the cart and the customer is ready to pay.

On the final payment screen, select the payment method (Cash or Credit-Sale) and then click Complete Payment.

Remember, you do not need to associate POS sales to a customer.

Credit card sales will be completed using the CardKnox credit card pin pad.  The customer can insert or swipe their card or use a mobile device for a credit card payment.  

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