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Credit on an Account

First, there must be a credit on an account to begin a check request.  A credit on the account usually originates from a refund for a program or facility rental.  

A credit on the account displays in the upper-left part of the client or account details page.  The credit shows as a "Shared Credit" because any family member on the account can use the credit.  


Click on the credit amount to see the details of how the credit came to be on the account.  In this example, you can see that a $42.00 credit was applied to the account on August 25, but that same credit was used toward a payment on the same day.  Then, on December 9, the customer was refunded for another program and a credit of $38.00 was placed onto the account.  The Total Credit Balance of $38.00 means this customer has $38.00 that they can use to apply to a future payment.  


Payout the Credit

Once a credit is placed on the customer's account, it can either be used to pay for a future transaction or the credit can be paid out to the customer in the form of a check.  Note: The shared credit can ONLY be paid out in the form of a check.  Direct refunds to credit cards are not processed using this method.  

Click Payout Credit to begin the payout process.  Enter notes (if necessary) and add your initials. 

Click Complete.  


Refresh the browser page to make sure the new balance on the account is $0.00.  

Provide Documentation to Finance

Run the Account Statement

You will first need to make note of the date of the first payment on the transaction you are refunding.  To find the date that the transaction originated, click the dollar amount on the credit details screen, on the line that says "Refund as Credit".  This will take you to the transaction details. 


On the transaction details page, look for the first payment date.  This is usually the same as the created date.  


This is the date which you should use in the Activity From date when running the Account Statement.  

To print the Account Statement, you will need to make sure you're on the account details page (as opposed to the client details).  To get to the account details page, click on the account name, in this example below, the account name is Gonzales Family.  This is located on the bottom-left side of the client details page.  


Once you are on the account details page, click Run Statement at the top of the screen.  


Change the Activity From and Activity To dates. The Activity From is the date of the first payment for that transaction, as discussed above.  The Activity To date is usually just the same day you are running this transaction.  For example, if this transaction was paid for on July 11, 2019, and then refunded today, the from date should be July 11, 2019 and the to date should be today's date. 

You will want the Statement Balance and the Account Credit shows as $0.00.  Failing to change the date could cause your statement to be incorrect.  


Print this statement and include with the paperwork to be sent to Finance. 

 Fill out the Check Request Form

Open Teams and find the PARD - Administration Team in the left panel.  Then click on the General Channel, then Files, then Check Requests.  Please note that your Teams will be different than the ones in the screenshot below.  


The direct links to the folders on their Sharepoint site are below.  You can bookmark these or navigate to them through Teams each time to access the files.  Please note, these files are the same files, whether you get to them through Teams or open them directly in Sharepoint.  For an in-depth look at managing files in Teams, see the Microsoft Teams - Files Knowledge base article.  

Each check request is a separate excel spreadsheet.  Copy the existing blank spreadsheet into the same folder.  Rename the file to the name of the person that is receiving the refund and the date that the request will be submitted.  

From within Teams, to copy a file, click on the three dots on the name of the file and click Copy.  


The copy location defaults to the folder that you are copying from, so you just need to click Copy once more to complete copying the file. 


To change the name of the file, click on the three dots on the file name and click Rename. 


Open the file and update the customer name, address, phone number, date check is needed, check amount and the date submitted.  Change the amount in the box in the middle of the page.  Add an explanation and your initials.  Add any special instructions, if necessary.  (See fields highlighted below). 

Print and sign in the Requested By field.  


Submit to your Manager or Supervisor for a signature in the Department Approval field.  

Submit to Finance.

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