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As of September 2019, Annual Employee Performance Evaluations will be completed through Employee Self-Service (ESS).  Click here to download this reference guide in PowerPoint

Accessing Your Employee's Performance Evaluations

First, log in to Employee Self-Service.

Performance Evaluations is available from the main menu, as shown below. 


Click on the Performance Evaluation link and the Performance Evaluation module will open.

Click Employee Evaluations.

Your employee evaluations will be listed.

You will be able to access performance evaluations awaiting completion as well as those already completed.


Step 1: Using the drop-down box, choose the employee.

Step 2: Click the “Edit” link the employee’s performance evaluation will open.


Completing Your Employee's Performance Evaluation

The top of the evaluation provides details about the evaluation including instructions and reference information as well as an opportunity to attach supporting documents.

You may attach documents which support the current evaluation ratings and justifications.
Note, these documents will become part of the employee’s evaluation record.


Uploading a File

Click Choose File


Locate the File on your computer or drive that you want to Upload and Click Open
The file will automatically upload.

Removing a File

Click Remove



Step 1: Click Edit under each competency.

Step 2: Select a rating from the Rating drop-down menu.

Step 3: Document Performance Expectations and Rating Justifications.

Step 4: Click Done.



Key Job Responsibilities

Step 1: Click Edit under key job responsibility.

Step 2: Select a rating from the Rating drop-down menu.

Step 3: List the Job Duty.

Step 4: Document the Performance Expectations and Rating Justifications.

Step 5: Click Done.



Employee Development Plan

This area of the evaluation is designated to document the development activities for the evaluation period. Multiple development activities may be added.

  1. Enter Development Area
  2. Describe the Development Activity
  3. Enter Target Completion Date
  4. Click “Add” to add the record


Submitting for Employee Review

At the bottom of the screen you will have the following options:

Save and Close: Clicking Save and Close will store your entries for future editing/review.

Submit for Approval: When you click Submit for Approval the evaluation will be viewable by the employee in ESS.  You will no longer be able to edit the evaluation.

Cancel:  Clicking cancel will erase all of your entries.


Employee Review

Notify your employee that they have the final step in the evaluation process. 

They may review, provide comments and acknowledge their evaluation in ESS.

Employees can reference this article for information on how to review and acknowledge their performance evaluation. 

Accessing an Employee Evaluation After Completion

Completed evaluations are available for review in ESS by clicking on the Details link



ESS Technical Support contact: Darron Grussendorf, Organizational Development Trainer or 512-341-3382

Questions about Evaluations contact: Lisa Pierce-Jones, Assistant Director of Human Resources or 512-218-5492

Download this article as a PowerPoint (click on the link below):

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