Cityworks 8 Mobile Upgrade guide


      The city is upgrading to Cityworks 15.5.2 and that update brings with it a new Cityworks Mobile App.  Previously you were probably using the Ipad app Cityworks 7 on your Ipads, we are now upgrading to Cityworks 8.  To find the app you will need to hop into the App Store on your Ipad.  In the search text box type in "Cityworks 8" and something like this will come up:


 Click to download the app and you will probably be prompted for a  AppleID password.  Enter in the password and the download will start.

        After you download the app, click on the Cityworks 8 icon, and right off the bat click on the gear in the lower left hand corner of the login screen:


When you click on that, this screen will come up and you will need to make sure Cityworks Online is clicked off, and Host and Site are filled in with what is below in the screenshot.  Also, make sure to turn on SSL:


       Don't worry about any settings other than these.  Click on Save and now you are ready to login.

Simply login with your Cityworks login and you are good to go with the Cityworks 8 app!


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