MFA with city-issued cell phone


This article is for users with a city-issued cell phone.  If you do not have a city-issued cell phone, please follow the MFA with token instructions.

Our goal is to strengthen the security of your Office 365 account by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) with 2-step verification. MFA is a method of authentication that requires the person seeking access to data to be able to verify their identity in at least two ways. In general, it is two out of these three methods:

  • Something you know – a password
  • Something you have – a hardware token such as a mobile phone
  • Something you are – biometrics such as iris scan, fingerprint, or facial recognition

 There are two parts to the setup which will require 2 methods of MFA: 

  • Method 1 - Setup Call/Text with Phone
  • Method 2 - Setup Microsoft Authenticator App

**Important**: You may be prompted to use MFA for different Office products such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, or Outlook Web Access (Office365). Anytime you change your password, or you log onto a computer that is not on our network, you will be prompted for verification to allow access.

You will need to have your city-issued mobile phone in hand and be in front of your computer during this process (use Chrome or the new Edge browser on your computer).

Configuring 2-Step Verification


1) Open a web browser on your computer and navigate to >

  • Click “Next” to this security prompt.



2) Click "I want to set up a different method" in the bottom left corner (see red circle below)


  • Change the drop down to "Phone" 
  • Click Confirm and click Next 


4) Check to ensure the number shown is your preferred method of contact

  • Choose 1 of the below options
    • "Text me a Code" : Sends a 6-digit code to your cell phone
    • "Call Me" : an automated voice call will occur. Hit pound # to verify
  • Click Next



5) The next page depends on the method you chose. 



6) Once the notification has been approved, you have successfully setup your method.

  • Click Next 



 7) At this point, you will need to install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your cell phone. 



8) Once the app has been installed , Click Next on your computer screen



  •  Click Next on the below prompt to obtain your unique QR Code.


  9) Click Scan QR code on your cell phone and click NEXT


Using your cell phone, scan the QR Code that displays on your computer screen below this step.



 **Note: Cant Scan Image? If you cannot use your phone camera, you will need to manually enter the 9-digit code and URL located on the QR Square** 

10) You will receive your first Authenticator notification on your phone. Tap Approve (You may need to open the app to do so). 

  • If you have reached the confirmation page below, you have successfully setup your MFA (multi-factor authentication)
    • Click Done









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