Mobile Device - Remote Desktop Connection


Remote Desktop Connection gives you the ability to directly connect to a desktop or laptop that is on the city network. 

First, create a support ticket requesting the IT Department to add you to the VPN and Remote Desktop Security Groups.

To establish a remote connection, you must connect to the city network.  If your mobile device is connected to CORR WiFi, then you are on the city network.  If you are in the field and connected to another network or LTE, then you will first need to establish a secure connection to the city network using the VPN app.  See this article on VPN app configuration:

Locate the Device Name on the desktop or laptop that you will be remoting into.  This is found under System Information.  To locate this, click the Windows Start button or click in the operating system search bar and search for System Information.  Or, right click the Start button and click System. 


The following page will appear.  Look for the Device Name under Device Specifications. 

Once you have obtained your device name and established a secure connection to the city network, you can proceed with the Remote Desktop application install and configuration. 

From your mobile device, download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the app store:


The application may be called "RD Client" on your mobile device. 

Open the application and click the "+" symbol in the upper-right corner of the window.  Select Add PC.


Click on PC Name.


Type in your PC Name (this is the device name as shown above). After you enter the PC Name, click the back arrow.


Click Save. 


Click on your PC on the PCs page.


You will see a message that the app is connecting to your computer. 


Enter your user name and password (these are the same credentials as your computer user name and passoword). 


Click Continue. 


You will then be connected to your city desktop or laptop computer. 

If you have issues connecting, make sure that you have a secure connection to the city network using the VPN app.  

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