Microsoft SharePoint - How to sync files to your PC with the OneDrive sync app


Set up syncing

1. On the Office 365 app launcher, select SharePoint or Teams, and then select the site with the files(s) you want to sync.


2. Navigate to the Document Library where the files are stored. Common Document Library names on Round Rock Team sites are Documents or Department Files. You can sync the entire Document Library or optionally navigate to the subfolder or file you want to sync.

3. Select Sync. (You only need to do this once on a computer to set up syncing on that computer. After you set up syncing, the files sync automatically.)


4. If your browser requests permission to use "Microsoft OneDrive," confirm that this is okay.

The files then sync to a folder on your PC that has the name of your organization (City of Round Rock). This folder is automatically added to the left pane in File Explorer. You can’t select to sync to a different location.


Files are now available on the PC locally. You can open from, save to, or modify files with the familiar desktop file management experience. The sync process means files added or changed either locally or from within SharePoint and Teams, always remain in sync with changes almost instantaneously reflected between locations. 

Files stored in SharePoint have added benefits over traditional network share drives including web and mobile app access from anywhere, automatic versioning and backups, sharing inside and outside of the organization, and powerful search to enhance the file management experience.

Change sync settings

To change the folders that sync for a site, or to stop syncing all files on a site, follow these steps:

1. Select the blue OneDrive cloud icon in the Windows taskbar notification area.


(You may need to select the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area for the OneDrive icon to appear. If the icon doesn't appear in the notification area, OneDrive might not be running. Select Start, enter OneDrive in the search box, and then select OneDrive in the search results.)


2. Select More > Settings.


3. To see a list of all your syncing sites, select the Account tab.


4. To change the folders that you're syncing, select Choose folders for that library, and then select the folders that you want to sync. To stop syncing a site, select Stop sync next to the site.

** Copies of the files remain on your computer after syncing is stopped. You can delete them if you want. This action will not modify the files stored in SharePoint.

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