City Network - VPN iPad Access - Installing FortiClient VPN Client


This article will demonstrate setting up VPN access on an iPad.  Once you are connected via VPN, it is possible to use the Remote Desktop Client to remote into a desktop or laptop computer on the city network.  

First, create a support ticket requesting the IT Department to add you to the VPN and Remote Desktop Security Groups.

From the App@Work Catalog, install the FortiClient 6.0 VPN.


Open the app and ensure you are on the VPN screen. 
Click Connections.
Click Add Configuration
Enter the following information, as shown below: 
Name: CORR
Port: 443
User: Your user name (this is the same user name used to log in to a computer)
Click Save
Click the back arrow to return to the home screen.
To turn on the VPN connection, click the toggle switch on the VPN line.  Finally, enter your password (this is the same password used to log in to a computer).   The Status field will say Connected once you have established a connection. 
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