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Following SharePoint sites that are important to you is easy and an important part of getting the most out of SharePoint.

To follow a site, look for the Follow Star icon in the upper right corner of any SharePoint site you visit and click it. The star will be filled in and say Following if you are following the site. It will say Not Following and be transparent if you haven't taken this step.



Why you need to follow sites in SharePoint

1. Followed sites appear in SharePoint Home

All the sites you follow show up in the “Followed Sites” section of SharePoint Home.

mceclip0.png                        mceclip1.png

2. Followed sites appear in SharePoint and OneDrive Mobile apps



3. Move or copy files more conveniently between SharePoint sites


4. Save files directly to SharePoint from Office Apps

One of the most useful reasons to Follow your SharePoint sites is Saving. When you click the Save As dialog in Office apps like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, saving directly to SharePoint is easy. It is your Followed sites that come already listed and ready to save to as a storage location.


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