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You must be a Storeroom Administrator to perform the tasks below.

If a Storeroom will be used by only one Crew, then also ensure the Crew is configured under Crew Managers.  Click the link here to see the article on Crew Management.

This article will review how to create a new storeroom, how to create a new storeroom group, and how to add materials to a storeroom.

Create a Storeroom

Click on Storeroom in the main navigation. 


Click Config > Storeroom Materials > New Storeroom


 Enter the new Storeroom name into Code and Description, then click the Add (+) button: 


Create a Storeroom Group

You must create a Group and assign permissions to the Group for controlled access to Storeroom. 

Click Config > Groups > New Group


Enter the new Group name into Code and Description, then click the Add (+) button: 


Click on the Group. Add employees to a Group under Group Members. Update the permissions under Group Rights.  The minimum rights needed to add materials to a work order is "Issue".  



Add Materials to a Storeroom

Click Config > Storeroom Materials > Select a Storeroom


Scroll to the bottom section of this page under Storeroom Materials.

Click New Material


Select a material to add to the Storeroom, then click the "+" symbol.


The material will then show in the list under Storeroom Materials. 


Notice the quantity is 0.  You will need to receive materials to add the quantity to the storeroom.  

Click the link here to see an article on receiving Storeroom materials.

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