PerfectMind/WordPress - How to Add a Category


For each Category (i.e. AIR) in PerfectMind, you have Calendars (i.e. Aquatics, Arts & Enrichment, Fitness, Special Events.  

When you add a new Calendar into PM, you must also update the WordPress (WP) site to display the new Calendar.  

First, log into WordPress. 

Add the new page for AIR > Arts and Crafts.  Log in to WordPress (WP).  Click Tree View, then Add New.  


Set the Page Attributes as shown below, then ADD CONTENT (pictures, descriptions, etc) and publish the page. 

Find Widget Code

To find the widget code, log into PerfectMind, and navigate to the MARKETING tab. 


Click Online Booking Setup.


Scroll to the bottom and look for Booking Widgets and find the widget for the new Category and click to open.


Ensure that all of the Courses are enable that should display with this widget (click the checkbox under courses to enable/disable). 

Copy and paste the PM Widget code into the PM Widget contents box.

Update 2nd Level Page

Then, you'll need to update the 2nd Level Subpage.

Once you're logged into WP, you can go to the page, then click "Edit Page" instead of having to search for it.  

Add a new Row at the bottom of all the pictures.


Add a picture, title and then point the page URL to the new -- Arts and Crafts page that you made above.  


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