Microsoft SharePoint - Create a document template for starting new files in SharePoint


In SharePoint there is an easy way to store and reuse document templates. If you have a document that you utilize to author content with a specific format, typically this would be a departmental form or report, adding the file as a template to the SharePoint New Menu is an effective way of ensuring uniformity when other team members are creating new files.

By adding the file as a menu option, team members can create new files by selecting the template from the menu without the risk of overwriting the original template. This works for all Office document types such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and various other file types such as text and PDF. You may want to create a new Document Library specifically dedicated to these templates.

Steps for adding a new template option to a document library

1. Click New, then +Add template at the Document Library header

store and reuse document templates in SharePoint

2. Next, browse to the document template on your computer to upload it, click OK. This could be a Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint with formatting or other elements already saved.

Once the template is uploaded, you will see it appearing in the menu

3. Optional - You can also use the Edit New menu option to remove other choices if you want to only provide specific document templates as options within a Document Library.

4. Optional - Uncheck or re-arrange the menu choices as necessary, then click Save


5. Now, when users want to create a new document based on a template, they just hit the New button and select from the Template menu options.

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