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This article will review two options for searching and filtering information in TRAKiT.  For example, if you are only interested in reviewing Special Events permits, you can follow one of these two methods.  The first method is in the Workspace under the Reviews widget and the second method is an Advanced Search.  

Workspace Review Center Settings

In the TRAKiT Workspace, click the Settings button in the Review widget.


Set the filters in the Review Center Config dialog box.  For example, if you only want to see Special Event Permits, click Review Groups and set it to PERMITS - SPECIAL EVENTS. 


Set any other filters that you would like and click Save. 

Advanced Search

The second way to view a filtered list of permits is to use the Advanced Search tool.  This is located at the top of the page, next to the search box.  Also, make sure "Use the info below to find" is set to "Permit" it "PermitTRAK" as shown below, if you are executing a Permit search.  


Click the dropdown in the upper-left part of the window and click New Search. 


Click the green "+" sign to add search parameters. 

mceclip10.pngSelect the Columns you would like to see in this search as shown below.

Click Search to view the search results.  If you would like to make further edits, click "Edit Search" to return to the Search creation window.

Click Save and give the search a name to access at any time.


Click Export Results if you would like to export this report to a .xls (Excel) file. 


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