Cityworks - Troubleshooting Sign-In Issues


The City of Round Rock has switched to Single Sign-On in Cityworks as of December 2020. This change brings a new way of signing into the mobile application as well as the web client. 


Troubleshooting the Web Client

If you are unable to sign-in via, you will probably encounter an error like this:



To troubleshoot, first check where you are entering your credentials. With the configuration of SSO, you will need to click on the Click Here for Single-Sign On link rather than entering their credentials on the home screen:



After clicking the link, you will be prompted to sign in to ArcGIS Online. Click Your ArcGIS organization's URL:



Next, type CORR in the box, check the Remember this URL box and click Continue:



Our organization will now appear as a sign in option. Click CORR:



You will then be prompted with our standard sign-in process. Go through these steps and enter your credentials:


Note: If you require assistance with multi-factor authentication, please see this Help Topic.


After completing the sign-in process, you will be able access Cityworks successfully:




Troubleshooting on Mobile

The mobile workflow is almost identical with a couple changes. On a mobile device, you'll first want to check that SSO is properly configured on the mobile device. Click on the Settings icon on the bottom-left and confirm that OAuth is enabled, ArcGIS Online Login is enabled, and that the Client Id is populated as seen here:



If the settings are not identical to what's seen above, then you probably need to force a mobile check-in. Open the Apps@Work app and then click the check-in button at the top-right:



After checking-in, close and re-open the Cityworks app and go through the same steps in the instructions above for the web client. On mobile, that process will look like this:


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