Adobe - Installing Adobe Software(s)


Select the link - Adobe: Creative, marketing and document management solutions

Select “Sign In” at the top right-hand corner.

Enter in your City Email Address then select Company or School Account (you may need to enter in Computer Login Password as well)

mceclip3.png  mceclip4.png


In the Top right-hand corner select the blue pie chart, then View Account.


At the top left you should be on Overview and then select View plan details.



Under Desktop Apps select Download.



This will bring you to a window stating “Available in your subscription.” From here, select the app you are looking to install and select Install.

After hitting “Install” you may need to approve your computer to allow the install if you get a popup window.

After Install has completed you can use software.

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  • This was very helpful. Thank you for the easy instructions to follow.

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