iPad Backup Process for Device Upgrade/Replacement


Prior to setting up your iPad in MobileIron, you will need to read and complete the following processes to retain any needed information from your iPad.  If you choose to not complete the process you will not have the ability to retrieve needed information from the old device after the fact.

You will no longer have access to your Apple ID after this update from City Devices. The information that is currently on your device will need to be saved. Information on your current device WILL NOT move.

You will still have the ability to access your Apple ID from https://www.icloud.com/ From here you can sign in and access the information that has been backed up from your device if needed.



If you currently have photos on your device that you need to keep download the OneDrive app from the Apple Store.  Following the below steps will save all photos currently on your device to your City OneDrive account which will allow you to access the photos from both your device as well as anywhere you sign into your OneDrive account.

Open OneDrive, Select the Circle at the top Left, Select Settings, Select Camera Upload, toggle your email address to blue and make sure Use Mobile Network and Include Videos is Blue.

Note: Depending on how many photos/video you have on the device will determine how long it takes for the information to move over. If you want to verify that information is moving on the Files page open Pictures, Camera Roll. You should see the photos start populating within these folders which are broken down by month.




If you use the Notes app that comes with Apple devices you will want to move this information as it will not move. You will need to download Microsoft OneNote. From there you will need to copy and paste any information you would like to keep from Notes into OneNote.

You can also take screenshot’s and these can save into your images, then you can move after the fact into OneNote.

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